Terms & Conditions

1, The reservation is confirmed after the deposit is paid, or the rental value. In the event of a delay in payment of the deposit, the owner of the AlZaeem Resort has the right to change the reservation for another person who initiates the payment.

2, The amount of the guarantee is 25 Omani riyals and is paid to the AlZaeem Resort Management upon entry directly and is returned after checking the safety of the place.

3, Commitment to the exit time of the AlZaeem Resort, according to the package reserved for it, and if the specified time is exceeded, a fee of 10 riyals will be imposed for each hour of delay that will be deducted from the amount of the guarantee.

4, The customer is fully responsible for any occurrence of the break, tampering, breaking, and damage caused by misuse of the resort facilities during the reservation period.

5, Not to use the loudspeakers unless there are occasions, and the resort management must be notified

6, Not to introduce or use alcoholic drinks in the resort

7, Adherence to the Resort time and if the specified time is exceeded, a fee of 10 & riyals per hour of delay will be charged.

8, Complete maintenance of the tools of all types available on the Resort and in any case of tampering or cracking or other misuses of the Resort facilities will be automatically deducted from the amount of the guarantee.

9, Do not throw waste. Please ask for garbage bags from the Resort and put all waste inside the bags before leaving the Resort.

10, Not to tamper with the waterfall and the equipment for operating, pumping or discharging water to and from the swimming pools, as the worker will be present throughout the renting house at his place of residence, knowing that the worker is separate from the resort.

11, Not to tamper with TVs or gadgets of all kinds inside the lounge.

12, It is forbidden to eat and smoke in the play areas.

13, Do not play ball in the Resort

14, Do not tamper with electrical connections (searchlights, lights, etc.)

15. It is forbidden to pluck flowers and trees inside the resort.

16, Do not leave children unattended. We call for protective measures to be taken to preserve the safety of your children, especially at swimming pools. The tenant bears all responsibility.

17, The administration is not responsible for any personal accidents, theft or negligence, nor is it responsible for any quarrels occurring at Resort and is responsible for all legal procedures.

18, The allowed number is 30 people and if the number increases, an additional fee will be paid.

19, The administration does not bear any incident. The deposit is not refunded in case the tenant's opinion is changed. We wish you the best times in the AlZaeem resort...

With regards/AlZaeem Resort management

For direct coordination with the AlZaeem Resort administration please call 99013337

(Customer satisfaction - our goal)

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